About Us

Founded in 1980, Delta Batteries of Bury Ltd has more than 40 years experience in the batteries trade, with the focus on providing batteries for any application to clients throughout the UK. The company is based in Bury.

Offering battery booster packs, chargers and accessories, the Delta, Varta, Odyssey, Yuasa, Optima, Optimate and Ctek range are supplied by the company. Being suitable for any occasion where power is needed. Available in the shop, the items sold are all quality products and are the best available. The company is able to source specialised batteries for most applications and stocking batteries for car, commercial, motorcycle, agricultural, marine and leisure golf trolleys, disability scooters and wheelchairs.

Helping clients to get back on the road or pursue their interests as soon as possible, the company provides businesses with professional battery information and carry comprehensive stocks. With a workshop and experienced staff, the service is designed to improve performance and to be a one stop shop for power supplies.

Delta Batteries of Bury Ltd has a satisfied network of customers, situated in and around Bury, including companies and private clients most having dealt with them for years and having recommended their friends and family. The company is managed by Tony who has been focusing on the Car Batteries sector for many years. Tony has many years experience of managing the company.